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Career Resources for UI Graduate Students

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Where do our graduates end up?

The following list is a sampling of where our graduate students have ended up in recent years:

Film Studies

Graduation year and current employer of recent Film Studies graduates
Name Graduation Year Current Employer
New, Juana 2020 Cornell College
Kim, Se Young (Seth) 2016 Colby College
Latsis, Dimitrios 2015 University of California-Santa Cruz
Crylen, Jonathan 2015 Coe College
Watson, Ryan 2015 Misericordia University
Wielgus, Alison 2014 University of Wisconsin-Superior
Couret, Nilo 2013 University of Michigan
Stine, Kyle 2013 McGill University
Mokdad, Linda 2013 St. Olaf College
McGuffie, Allison 2013 Portland State University
Sullivan Gooch, Sara 2012 Global Justice Ecology Project
Slowik, Michael 2012 Wesleyan University
Henlin-Stromme, Sabine 2012 Independent Scholar
Pummer, Claudia 2011 University of Hawaii, Manoa
Stein, Erica 2011 Tenure-Track, Vassar College
McDonald, Kevin 2011 California State University, Northridge
Schlotterbeck, Jesse 2010 Denison University
Pillai, Swarnavel Eswaran 2010 Michigan State University
Hanlon, Dennis 2009 University of St. Andrews
Fleeger, Jennifer 2009 Ursinus College
Eliaz, Ofer 2008 Ohio University
Danker, Lisa 2008 University of Central Florida
Meneghetti, Michael 2008 Brock University
Sim, Gerald Sianghwa 2007 Florida Atlantic University
Younger, James Prakash 2007 Trinity College
Milic, Sasa 2006 University of Montenegro, Yugoslavia
Wild, Jennifer 2006 University of Chicago


Film and Video Production

Graduation year and current employer of recent Film and Video Production graduates
Name Graduation Year Current Employer
Zhou, Hao 2022 Kenyon College
Maur, Carleen 2017 University of South Carolina
Gallagher, Kelly 2015 Syracuse University
McNally, Gabrielle 2014 Northern Michigan University
Koszulinski, George 2013 University of North Carolina Wilmington
Twemlow, Nicholas 2012 Coe College
Renaud, Christopher 2012 University of West Georgia
Palmer, Jeffrey 2012 University of Central Oklahoma
Liu, Zhao (Lewis) 2012 Voice of America
Titz, Florina 2011 Pratt Institute
Crompton, Stephen 2011 University of Tampa
Johnson, Carina 2010 University of Arizona
Meaney, Evan 2010 University of South Carolina
Haydock, Anne 2009 Grand Valley State University
Kay, Deon 2009 University of West Georgia
Taylor, Charlotte 2008 Warren Wilson College
Silva, Andre 2008 UNC-Wilmington
Rattner, Jonathan 2008 Vanderbilt University
Huelsbeck, Mark 2008 Flagler College
Davis, Thomas 2008 Freehand Producer
Bravos, Alexis 2008 University of Michigan
Greenlaw, Margo 2007 University of Hartford
Silva, Shannon 2007 UNC-Wilmington
Proctor, Jennifer 2007 University of Michigan
Dunham, Sarah 2007 Pixar
Cook, Lauren 2006 University of Hartford
Meyers, Rebecca 2001 Bucknell University
Comerford, Thomas 1999 SAIC