Learn to write for film and tv at a top writing university in one the country's greatest literary cities.

The University of Iowa has long been recognized as one of the premier writing universities in the world, and Hawkeyes have helped to create many prestigious films and TV series of recent decades. Inaugurated in 2019, the Screenwriting B.A. has quickly become a highly sought-after major in the university. As a student in the program, you will learn the fundamentals of Screenwriting amidst a supportive and creative community of students, with dedicated and accomplished faculty, in one of the most famous literary cities in the U.S. Our Screenwriting B.A. seeks to help students acquire the essential skills to write for film and television, while also honing a unique vision. The major is both comprehensive and flexible; all students gain an overview of the major screenwriting forms, while also exploring interdisciplinary connections, often in Film Production, Theatre, and/or Creative Writing.

Courses in this B.A. consist overwhelmingly of small workshop settings. Students in the major progress from introductory courses (outlining general principles, approaches and strategies) to intermediate courses (in short form, long form and episodic forms) to advanced screenwriting, where they can really develop their vision and polish their portfolio. Many of our students also double-major in Screenwriting and Cinema, Screenwriting and Theater and other combinations tailored to student needs.

Students in Screenwriting also enjoy numerous opportunities for community involvement and hands-on learning. For instance, some of our students get involved in Iowa City’s Refocus Film Festival (on adaptation from page to screen). For a look at some of the unique opportunities for our students, please see our Experiential Learning page here.

Detailed requirements in the Screenwriting major can be found in the university’s General Catalogue.

Further questions about the major, the courses or specific requirements may be addressed to our Director of Undergraduate Studies, listed on the People page of this website.