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Cinematic Arts MFA student Trevon Coleman will screen his videos at 2022 Slamdance Film Festival

Cinematic Arts MFA student Trevon Coleman will screen his videos Paper Bag Test and Difficult Donuts in the Experimental Shorts section of the 2022 Slamdance Film Festival. Coleman will also participate in the Experimental Shorts Q&A at 5PM Pacific Time/7PM Central Time on Friday 1/28.
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Cinematic Arts alumnus Carl Elsaesser (MFA 2018) will screen his 2021 film 'Home When You Return' in the Forum Expanded section of the Berlin International Film Festival

Moving closer to the ground, getting to the bottom of things, looking and hearing with precision, perceiving what’s happening close by, oft-unnoticed: these are the ideas that inform the 17th edition of Forum Expanded and the selection of films, installations and performances that will be presented as part of the Berlinale.
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An Evening with Christopher Harris at the Museum of Modern Art

In this special joint Modern Mondays/To Save and Project screening, Christopher Harris presents the world premiere of his 2000/01 film still/here in a new digital restoration by the Academy Film Archive, together with his own newly conceived selection of work by filmmakers and artists who have inspired him.
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MFA Student Hao Zhou receives 2021 Student Academy Award Gold Medal

The Gold Medal for "Frozen Out" is the first award given to a student artist based in Iowa, and a first- time honor for the University of Iowa.
Paula Amad

Associate Professor Paula Amad to Give Two Invited Lectures in fall 2021

Associate Professor Paula Amad will be giving two invited lectures this fall; on November 18-19, she will give a talk linked to her book project on aerial vision at the Center for Visual Culture at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, entitled “Cin-aereal attractions: F.W. Brinton and the Technical and Fantastical Correspondences between Early Aviation and Cinema.", and on December 9-10 she will be giving a keynote lecture at the annual symposium of the research network Archive/Counter Archive: Activating Canada's Moving-Image Heritage.