Though rare, undergraduate Independent Studies are possible in Cinematic Arts for students in good academic standing. Interested students should reach out and meet with a faculty member who has already taught the student and has seen and acknowledged promise in the student’s work. This meeting must take place the semester before the student is interested in undertaking an independent study.

If the faculty member agrees to supervise the Independent Study, both faculty and student must then negotiate a course of study that can be completed in a single semester. These courses can focus on research, reading, or creative projects. However, an independent study is an opportunity to explore an interest not covered by the curriculum. So they must not duplicate a course offered or a requirement for a major or other program of study.

For a full list of CLAS policies on independent study, visit the college's Undergraduate Independent Study Policies page. This website contains the Independent Study Contract which must be signed by both student and instructor. Students must also submit the departmental Independent Study Request Form prior to registration.

For information about registering for an Undergraduate Independent Study, please contact the Undergraduate Academic Advisor.